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Web Types


Defines a set of options for a webhook.

data?: any

The data to send with the request.

headers: Headers

The headers to include in the request.

interface Headers {
[key: string]: string;

method?: string

The HTTP Method that the request should use.

responseShout?: string

The shout that should be made when the request finishes.

retryAfterMs?: number

The number of miliseconds to wait between retry requests.

retryCount?: number

The number of retries that should be attempted for the webhook.

retryStatusCodes?: number[]

The HTTP response status codes that should allow the web request to be retried.

url?: string

The URL that the request should be made to.


Defines an interface that represents the result of a webhook.

data: any

The data that was returned from the webhook.

headers: Headers

The HTTP Headers that were included in the response. See for more information.

interface Headers {
[name: string]: string;

status: number

The HTTP Status Code that was returned from the webhook. See for more information.